About the Canadian Society of
Chiropractic Evaluators (CSCE)


I am pleased to provide you with an update on the activities of your Board of Directors for the past year. Our efforts continue to be directed towards the profile of CSCE and its members. The activities include continued lobbying of policy makers for greater utilization of chiropractic assessment in independent assessment, promoting continuing education for chiropractic experts and other health care providers, and providing input to regulatory issues surrounding licensure of facilities and the minor injury guideline review.

In December 2013 CSCE was invited by the Ontario Ministry of Finance to present to Justice Cunningham for the Ontario Automobile Insurance Dispute Resolution System Review. Our input highlighted the current concerns with the DRS, including changes that have resulted in large backlogs to the mediation process, and now arbitration proceedings. Most of the disputes in the system surround medical/rehabilitation benefits. Comments and recommendations focused on the need for greater neutrality in the independent assessment process and return to a peer-to-peer principle in order to help reduce subsequent dispute procedures. In February 2014 Justice Cunningham released his final report. Within it included recommendations that the government should look to ensure that the independent assessment process is fairer.

CSCE has also submitted comments and recommendations for the 3 year review process by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Again, we have advocated for a return to a peer-to-peer process to help reduce disputes. We have advocated for greater stakeholder input and enhanced collaboration. We have advocated for easier access to benefits for persons with injuries that are beyond those included within the definition of a minor injury, but which may not be deemed catastrophic. CSCE has also attended a stakeholder meeting on the minor injury guideline review process led by Dr. Côté.

As many of you may be aware the Ontario Government has been moving forward with intention to have rehabilitation facilities licensed by FSCO. This process is ongoing and we will be attending and providing input at a meeting for stakeholders scheduled for end of May. The licensure will only affect oversight of business practices, and will not apparently have any impact on clinical care. We will keep you updated as this process unfolds.

The financial health of CSCE remains strong. Operations are dependent on membership and income from continuing education programs. CSCE continues to partner with CMCC to offer a certification course on catastrophic impairment rating. I would like to thank Dr. Guerriero for his continued efforts in this regard. CSCE continues to seek opportunities to offer continuing education programs to other jurisdictions in the country.

Your Board of Directors will continue to advocate for greater involvement of chiropractic experts in independent assessment. Current problems in the dispute resolution system dictate a need for this involvement to help ensure those who require benefits receive them, while at the same time helping to contribute to cost stability for insurance rate payers.

I would like to thank all CSCE members for their continued involvement. With this cohesion we can move forward with advocating for improvements to regulatory systems to ensure that injured persons have access to the best qualified experts when disputes arise.


Dr. David Dos Santos, B.Sc.,D.C.,FCCRS(C),FCCO(C)
Chiropractic Specialist – Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
President, CSCE